content production

branding & social media

Science communication

I have created a wide variety of assets to promote shows featuring scientists, researchers, and artists from around the world. These include social media announcements, branded audiogram images, quote cards, and more!

All assets were created using the Gimp, and Canva. Photos were supplied through creative commons licensing, or supplied by the guest.



WordPress websites

I have worked on numerous web design projects, infographics, mockups, and WordPress websites over the past twenty years. Below are a few examples.

All assets were created using the Gimp, Canva, WordPress, some HTML/CSS, and Lightroom. Some confidential info was replaced with Lorem Ipsum.



Creating easy to understand reports

In my roles in Marketing and Quality Assurance, I have created a number of reports, complete with custom images, graphs, icons, and branded colours, in order to translate complex subjects into an easy to understand format.

The example below has been censored with Lorem Ipsum, and any private images have been blacked out. This report was created in Canva, with branded content, and graphs imported from third party apps.



Fine Art and Editorial

I have also worked as a photographer, and film director, creating over 25,000 images over a three year span. Many were published in fashion magazines. Most of my work with performers has been used for publicity, marketing, and promotion. I have worked with talent internationally, from Montreal to Paris to Lisbon. Known for a minimalist, “in-camera” style, none of my work has ever included any Photoshop. Everything was done with household objects to create distortion, and special effects. All shots were produced with available light.

To see my photography portfolio, click here.