Cyber training

Cybersecurity Training: Coming soon!


We’re creating a pragmatic cyber education program for businesses that want an app that enables learners to customize their course based on ability and technical savviness.


Our initial focus is on developing training techniques to mitigate threats by scammers and con artists. We do this by moving away from theory to action.


Scammers depend on the manipulation of emotional responses to urgent requests in order to get what they want. We want to teach practical measures to fight this kind of fraud by introducing actionable tasks that learners can act upon when faced with such attempts. 

It takes a village

This endeavour is led by Julie Laurin, in collaboration with a variety of cybersecurity practitioners and instructional designers in the US & Canada.

This is a passion project and we’re always looking for assistance from practitioners, designers and cyberpsychologists.

Julie in the forest in the wintertime.