Yippee Ki Yay!

About the company

Our Story

Yippee Ki Yay Inc started out as a solopreneur business providing marketing services to small business and NGOs across North America. As the business grew, so did the awareness of the kinds of problems that were lacking solutions. This became really apparent in the cybersecurity space, where there’s a clear need for modern training and practical solutions to help small businesses face more complex threats.

Yippee Ki Yay, Today

We’re undergoing a transformation from a marketing services company to a company that also produces solutions. As the founder, I want to build a company that comes up with practical ideas in sectors that under-serviced and still ripe for competition. We’ve heard countless of stories from people who were tired of the same old cybersecurity training programs out there. We want to make a difference and create something better to help keep small businesses safe.

About Julie

Julie Laurin – Founder

Julie has led a dynamic career with 25 years in technology, over a decade in marketing, and extensive experience in educational roles. Her broad expertise shapes her approach to business and leadership.

Julie is currently transitioning the company from a marketing solopreneurship to a solutions provider, beginning with cybersecurity training. After moving from the hustle of city life to rural Prince Edward Island, Canada, her vision is to foster a team culture that thrives on remote collaboration and innovation.

She is committed to building a company that embraces disruptive ideas, aiming to redefine industry standards from the ground up.