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About Yippee Ki Yay Inc.

Created by Canadian artist and digital strategist, Julie Laurin, Yippee Ki Yay Inc. brings to life ideas that are different, dangerous, or just plain fun. Julie grew up in the 80’s, and everything she’s done since then has been influenced by a healthy dose of imagination and optimism. While she spent most of her life working in the tech sector, she also had side gigs in teaching, coaching, and marketing. On top of that, Julie has worked as an internationally recognized artistic photographer, and theatre artist. The corporate world wasn’t so keen to embrace her artistic pursuits, with one CEO even telling her to just “pick one or the other”. Nah, she decided to marry the two instead. Yippee Ki Yay is a company that has roots in tech, and branches in the arts, in science, and in education. (And yeah, the company name is totally a nod to that infamous line in the movie ‘Die Hard’: “Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker.”)


The Short Story

This company is a one-woman show, for now. But, I have big plans as I want to tackle some issues that have been bugging me for a long time. I want to help bring real-world skills to certain industries. I want to find better ways to help artists with technology. And, I want to build new solutions for freelancers, and small businesses. 

With a strong background in the arts, in technology, in adult education, and in science, I have a strong desire to bring ideas to life that make sense, and which challenge conventional ways of thinking and doing. 



The Vision

The goal is to help the “little guys”, plain and simple. A lot of the stuff that’s missing out there is beginner-level stuff. Whether it be new course offerings, new apps, new networking opportunities, or new products – everything’s on the table. Yippee Ki Yay will fund, and bring to life, the ideas that make the most sense, for the industry or people that need it the most.

This company will always be remote, as it strongly believes that remote work opportunities are good for work-life balance, and they’re more accessible to everyone, especially people with disabilities.

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