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About Yippee Ki Yay Inc.

Created by artist and tech consultant, Julie Laurin, Yippee Ki Yay Inc. brings to life ideas that are different, disrupting, or just plain fun. Julie grew up in the 80’s, and everything she’s done since then has been influenced by a healthy dose of imagination and optimism. While she spent most of her life working in the tech sector, she also had side gigs in teaching, coaching, and marketing. On top of that, Julie has worked as an internationally recognized artistic photographer, and theatre artist. Yippee Ki Yay is a company that has its roots in tech and branches in the arts and  education. The company has two main areas of focus: helping people learn, and helping companies connect with their market.


The Short Story

My friends and family always tell me that I talk to strangers too much. I think that the more we get to know people, the better we are at doing business. As a business owner with a strong background in the arts, and in technology, I created this company to offer a grounded, but creative, approach to growth for small company leaders who might be feeling a bit lost, and overwhelmed. I’m good at this stuff, and I enjoy it with all my heart. 


The Vision

The goal is to help the “little guys”, plain and simple.  Whether it’s leading the way in business development, or creating a go-to-market strategy, I want to make it easier for company leaders to concentrate on the stuff they know, so I can help them grow sustainably, and help them achieve their goals in the short, and the long-term.

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Need some guidance?

If you’re looking for help with business development, marketing, or go-to-market strategies, please check out the SERVICES page for details on how I can help you!